Developing Together

Collaboration is at the heart of learning.

All it takes is one other person, a shared goal and a conversation.

Join the conversation here and share your stories, goals and experience.

Stories of collaboration


Webinar recording: Academic development and learning development

On Wednesday 29th July 2020 we hosted our first ‘Developing Together’ webinar, with discussion around the overlaps and opportunities in the coming together of academic development and learning development. The (slightly truncated) recording is available to watch back, along with the transcript of the chat. Many thanks to all of our contributors!

What is learning development?

by Carina Buckley, PhD PFHEA CeLP Learning development is an ethos as much as a practice Learning development was born, as much as a pedagogic approach can be, out of conversation and collaboration, that coalesced a set of practices and a common understanding – or ambition – for what learning in higher education could and…

What is academic development?

by David Baume, PhD SFSEDA SFHEA Academic development = staff development + educational development Staff development – leading and supporting teaching and learning-related staff, and those who manage and support them, to enhance their professional capabilities in learning and teaching and allied topics. It will be good to see other accounts from academic developers of…

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